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Tes Keperawanan Di Candi Sukuh Karanganyar Jawa Tengah [Wisata Misteri]]

Duration: 15: Uploaded: 19 October 2014

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Tes,Keperawanan,Di,Candi,Sukuh,Karanganyar,Jawa,Tengah,[Wisata,Misteri]] [SUKUH TEMPLE - The World's Less-Known Erotic Temple] Produksi Silva Photography. At Sukuh, sex is neither porn nor erotica; Rather it is spiritual, transcendental. At Sukuh, sex is the blending of male and female energies to create a new energy of rebirth. The depiction of sex here appears to be a homage to the powers of creation and fertility. Although it is not erotic, the statues and relief carvings in Sukuh do offer a glimpse into Java's sex culture in the early 15th century. Candi Sukuh adalah sebuah kompleks candi agama Hindu yang secara administrasi terletak di wilayah Desa Berjo, Kecamatan Ngargoyoso, Kabupaten Karanganyar, eks Karesidenan Surakarta, Jawa Tengah. Candi ini dikategorikan sebagai candi Hindu karena ditemukannya obyek pujaan lingga dan yoni. Candi ini dianggap kontroversial karena bentuknya yang kurang lazim dan karena penggambaran alat-alat kelamin manusia secara eksplisit pada beberapa figurnya. Unlike the world famous Khajuraho Temple in India, not many people know about Sukuh Temple. Don’t blame yourself. Even many of Jogja people do not know the existence of this temple. It probably because of the location, hidden on the slopes of Lawu Mountain in the elevation of more than a thousand meters above the sea level. From Tirtonadi bus station, you can take a Solo - Tawangmangu bus and get off in Karang Pandan, continued with taking a minibus to Kemuning and then an ojek (motorcycle ride) to the temple. If you decide to drive your own car or a car rental, it should be a 2000 cc diesel car or more, so that you can go through some steep grades. It is not really a big complex located on a terraces land. Instead of right in the middle, the main gate was built on the right side. There were some reliefs on the gate. A tall stone steps took me to the front of the main gate, but there was a chain preventing visitors to go inside it. To go to the second terrace, wisata jawa tengah, wisata sejarah, wisata mistis